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The Atour Hotel - Xi'an South Gate branch (Yaduo Jiudian Xi'an Nanmen dian) is located along the city wall, close to Yongning Men Station on Line 2 and just 1 km (0.6 mi) from the Bell Tower and 5.5 km (3.4 mi) from the Xi'an Railway Station.

Wi-Fi in public areas and free parking are offered to guests of this hotel.

An on-site restaurant serves Chinese and Western cuisine. A coffee shop provides an additional space for guests to relax with a drink or meet up with friends.

A business center is accessible to working travelers.[View Detail]
住客评论 373条评论     4.7分/5分 更多
  • bobo2021
    Good in every way, good environment and services.
  • Erica Lu
    Located in downtown, convenient, reasonable layout, good service
  • xujue88
    Room was big and very clean, very beautiful!
  • a.a.a
    Where the environment is also good bed more comfortable
  • forever0715
    Helpful staff, health is very clean, heat is very large, breakfast was very good ... will stay again.
  • ooodoveooo
    Very good hotel, South Gate, South Gate at night in the evening.
  • wangsuxi
    Very nice hotel, service was good, would like to ask what make the fragrance in the lobby?
  • liaoweber
    Bamboo musical very warm at the front desk. service was very good ... very good
  • stingray
    Well! good! well! good! well! good! well! good! well! good!
  • cjane2000
    Very good very clean
  • e04522000
    We in Xian stay three late, initially has been worried, fear set to bad hotel, arrived Hou found, this hotel and no let we disappointed, service, environment, lots are first-class of, front desk of smile, welcome bin tea, makes we has is kind, courtesy of feel, handle staying procedures soon, also active upgrade has we of room, opposite is wall, next is a large mall, Mall into surface clothing, food, live, line, what are complete, Metro station in Mall door, we alsoAt the mall to watch a television, special mention is 'clock' that girl, she should be the front desk, very responsible, very seriously! this hotel, not worse than five-star, including service, good location, very convenient! next time past, must choose! really recommended!
  • Fouellette58
    Hotel let I unexpectedly, really have very rod. first, location rod, near south wall, South wall is compared lively of, walk 10 minutes can arrived wall ticket points, away from Tower, drum, Huis Street are is near, second, hotel hardware rod, room can see wall night, sat in floating window Qian drink with tea, see with window of night, very comfortable, due to double glass, so by street but not noisy, room clean clean, cushion no stains, memory mattress sleep have is comfortable, TV also enoughBig, one-time ware quality good, toothbrush also points hard hair, soft hair,..., last, service rod, staying not received deposit, check out directly on can go, a floor shelf Shang of book can borrowing to room see, left Shi also sent has masks and one-time slippers, So, Asia flower hotel, next travel on finds you has. but has a small of recommends, tea specifications too big, compared for bubble tea,, but bubble tea with glass cup can, travel also not forget tea of people General are is South people, andIs bubble tie Guan Yin tea, Tieguanyin, rock bubble about 8 grams of tea, your tea pot is good, but too much, we have no control over water, which directly affect the quality of tea, so if the improvements will be complete again.
  • it3626
    Hotel design is very warm, looking out of the window you can see the South Gate, eating easy
  • d04730692
    Great Oh help us upgrade the administration between health did not say what location is good very convenient parking is very convenient
  • lanyin1410
    Hotel location is to force, wherever convenient. city view room can feel the charm of the ancient city walls of Xian at close range, the configuration is pretty human in the lobby, the children can stay there for a long time, playing, reading ... ...
  • sergiooo111
    Hotel location very to force, to where are convenient. City King room can near distance of feel Xian of city wall charm, lobby of configuration quite humanity words, has self tea district, HA has exclusively for small basin friends of paradise, can reading, reading......, restaurant also has leisure reading district, Rod rod of, views King reading, environment good Oh, logs color room environment, sleep super comfortable of mattress, near many large high-end Mall, and Tower wall Huis Street, attractions. to special said of is serviceSuper praise, for guest consider of attitude really of is super rod of. restaurant of breakfast is select many, clean health, environment beautiful. Hotel lots very good, traffic is of convenient, special like. bathroom design of is good of, near also has many play of snacks food really of is convenient of. hotel of service worth has praise, restaurant of environment is quite of good, dish products clean health, volume also enough more, any selected. good, recommended.
  • e00867870
    Hotel location is good. out is yongning door Metro station, from South door Shang wall also is convenient, night night especially beautiful. hotel is clean, mattress pretty comfortable of. service personnel attitude also is good, especially lobby Manager Zhong Yuan Miss, special enthusiastic. only regrets of is room no weight scales. to Xian delicious of things too more, can has a things help control about also is compared good of, hehe.
  • barrettni
    All right
  • E01225025
    Good location, good
  • JM jingni
    Location is really good, very close to the South Gate of the city walls ... great, very comfortable.
  • JasmineGong
    Was set has three late, around construction is too noisy, last a late return has. was this also can understanding, but midnight 12 points requirements processing of when bitter, fast half hours to has a they see of staff let I increasingly mad. next car voice and upstairs of walk sound clear can smell, is too effect sleep. comments in by said bed with personal also think too soft no support sex, bedding partial hard, next bed turn are has times times's 's of voice. to zhiqian and out, wineShop without concern. calls-5 comment was timely after checkout. environment and pictures of rooms, are compared to those levels and the same hotel, hotel management need to be strengthened.
  • danmu
    I love your smile Zhu Zhu Xi Zhu xinshangde Sun, good service, good breakfast, good!
  • bordercollie
    Very convenient transport facilities, staff attitude is also very good, rooms clean and tidy, bathroom separation of wet and dry, great, bed was very comfortable, breakfast price is 48, not good, warm spring, the weather is cold, eating breakfast at the hotel is a good choice. the hotel is located in the commercial centre, very close to the shopping center. eating out is also very convenient.
  • fantastdaniel
    Set of views King room, South wall night beautiful, away from South door walk 10 minutes, Metro station 5 minutes, hotel road diagonally across the has a open bar, night one or two points also in singing compared noisy. Summary: room area 5 star, facilities equipment 5 star, room Windows day type tatami with big points of child on sleep this has 5 star, bathroom door design not reasonable rain door and bathroom door will collided 2 star, service 5 star, Hall has a small bookcase and free Zoe and the two Taiwan IMAC 5 star, hotelDoor 2 stars location, room outlet a lot of 5 star, latex mattress comfortable 5 star hotel with a 5 star.
  • luliu
    Continued to live.................. ...
    Very nice hotel
  • baogang1974
    Walls can be seen, very beautiful and convenient
    Which is very nice
  • aicpa
    Rooms at the hotel just in time for the birthday that day, hotel ready for sweet little cakes, platters and greeting cards, little moved. feel the smell of the hotel, very clean. can see the walls of the room, distance from the Bell Tower and the Muslim street only one station, very convenient.
  • bj927
    Hotel everything is OK, the nearest shops rarely, buy daily necessities is not convenient.
  • ll369497160
    Nice hotel new
  • clingodsname
    Overall good
  • bainan2516776
    Hotel location is very good and convenient. decorate simple and generous, very comfortable.
  • alix0320
    Service is in place, very warm Hall 2 young waitress I feel-good hospitality first, views very well see the walls of the room.
  • angelaleew
    The location of the hotel is very good, Metro is easy to find. around dinner, transportation is very convenient. went to the city's main attractions are not far away. the service is also very good, simple but adequate facilities.
  • allstar610346
    The geographical position is superior, yongning gate subway station, Bell has a subway, environment was great, towels, bedding was clean and comfortable, the hotel lobby fragrance smells Super, HA HA!
  • Eeyore marvel of Peru;
    Staff are warm, friendly, and flower characteristics
  • Casperjiang
    Very good choice next time I come here very well!
  • e00697397
    Very satisfied! see ya even flower shops in Nanjing, had wanted to go to Nanjing!
  • ameilau
    Hotel, real service, real! compared to other hotels, has obvious advantages.
  • l6000y65464
    Location and service were very good, room with tea is warm, place enough, recommended accommodation, taxis not only ridicule is XI ' an,
  • cwcindywang
    Evaluation late has-hotel is good. we is 11 Qian two days staying of. price is reasonable, hotel service also super good. near has century Golden Mall, away from Metro station walk probably 10 minutes, also is is convenient of. only need improved of is health, bathroom can see hair. but room of night is is praise of, can by in bed see wall, than imagine in the to quiet-
  • allen9281
    Very comfortable hotel name, is like living in the Asian flower, with large beds, soft quilts, and eco-friendly hotel, staff very carefully and very enthusiastic, we also brought home Asian flower, recommended
  • e00164812
    Hotel location is very good, I booked a city view room, the House could actually see the Xian at night, with your lover lying in front of the window, drinking tea, very nice, next time!
  • BasonTang
    That's good
  • mr0212mr
    That's good
  • nbccgang
    Very clean, location good.
  • TOP59
    Satisfaction with the hotel location is very good, just outside the city walls in yongning door, if tourism is very convenient. around the Metro. Lovely enough, but clean look.
  • loryliao
    Door of moment on to people full room of romantic and warm. straight line of styling, simple style of match, room clean, neatly. in is sufficient of Sun Xia, suddenly is easily, comfortable, natural room is modern texture of building, simple elegant, styling just in the has soft. 1, health clean 2, is comfortable, mattress, bedding, towel, bathroom facilities, sofa TV, are is new 3, service attitude is thoughtful, on the requirements are can give help, enthusiasm 4, toLocation close to the city centre, from the shopping mall.
  • e03398875
    Simple, comfortable, and books on the first floor, just fine!