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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
гостиница 'сиань Наньмэнь' (Atour S Hotel (Xi'an Nanmen)), отель хорошо сконструирован специальной проектной группой Тайваня, зимой теплое отопление, удобный, полный комплекс.комфорт, простота, простота, тишина.отель расположен на юго - восточном углу южной оконечности у стены старого города, рядом с башней колокола, станцией метро 2 линия юннингмэнь, удобное расположение, рядом с площадью золотых цветов века.более трети комнат, лежа на кровати, можно любоваться стеной древних городов.гостиничный зал - бамбуковая гостиница предлагает вниманию посетителей тысячи книг, в каждой комнате есть оригинальная фотография, поделиться с вами.смотря на старинные городские пейзажи, на ум и красоту первоклассного магазина, сколько теплых историй начинается здесь...
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  • mrmaldive
    Services are particularly good, especially the Bell, helped arrange the room next time I offer will continue to
  • d03282146
    Pretty good
  • e00002564
    Soft bamboo bamboo Joe at the front desk service was good, very comfortable! next time will come!
  • jaytao
    All right
  • congcong981118
    Great, lived in one of the best hotels, satisfaction
  • awwn808
    This is the second stay at, what is good, good, good location, good service, family satisfaction! great!
  • Elwengs
    Is good of hotel Oh, clean clean health, price super high, decoration to people feel is comfortable warm. next also will again to of. pillow mattress are special comfortable, things are new of, slippers are is linen of. location better, service attitude good, 2 meters of big bed sleep of very of comfortable, hotel Basic is responsive, encountered problem are can timely solution, rooms health clean, is good of hotel, is good of price, is good of service. breakfast of environment good, dish products also completeAnd go out for breakfast is very convenient, right next to the wall is very beautiful ... about a 15-minute walk from Huis Street
  • biological
    City-view room a little noisy, but to see the South Gate. overall is good, recommended.
  • jinggur
    The hostel is really nice, very very close to subway station and South gate of Ancient Great Wall. Nevertheless the noise isolation is bad and we couldnt sleep one night untill 2AM ! Because a crowded and noisy rooftop bar is located a few meters away We asked the reception to do something, even a gesture, NOTHING ! If you go there during the week except friday, its a very nice place I guess.
  • lx290430412
    Very nice! comfort! service great! good! breakfast good! waiter zhujingzhu soft attitude very well! service hospitality!
  • buygun
    Hotel is very good, only executive suite price is not high, with cheap hotels
    Which is very nice
  • e00098742
    Asian flower as well as well as handwritten cards
  • wulele2006
    All are very good!
  • wantfly81
    Hotel environment good, has greatly of bathroom is I like of, also has tatami feel is comfortable, set of city King room, can see Tower and South door wall, travel also is convenient, check out of speed soon, most praise of is all service personnel of attitude are super good, Super kind, due to time relationship only live has a late, next to Xian also will to of.?
  • Downunder
    Weekend of Xian Hotel event fire. handle staying of people many, but Hotel do of also is is good of, has specifically of personnel handed Shang tea, said to slightly, will, can Hall read about scroll, service is enthusiasm, rooms is clean comfortable. using of items are is is environmental of. breakfast of environment good, dish products also complete. because rain on had to Lai in Hotel eat breakfast has, or also really wants to to eat local snacks does. but also is didn't selected wrong.
  • anybmu
    Has been is like Asia flower, logs color room environment, sleep super comfortable of mattress, this Asia flower of location absolute good, near many large high-end Mall, and Tower wall Huis Street, attractions. to special said of is service Super praise, I compared like Asia flower some room of tatami, but this originally scheduled of room and no, front desk beauty see I disappointed of feel, actually application has to I free upgrade to administrative big bed room, and for meet I of need also specially selected has a bothCan see the walls at night, and very quiet at night, an area of great room and bed, guests consider the attitude is great. restaurant breakfast is blossoming and choose, clean, beautiful environment. next choose this Asian flower.
  • cool3t
    Wooden ticket offers, day 50 parking fees hurt Ah, spent three days parking fee is 150, there is a hotel very poor soundproofing, talking or horseplay hear everything upstairs, upstairs there is flush the toilet or bathing, sewer sound is particularly large, especially at night. to improve the hotel!
  • e02510425
    Very like this style of hotel, service good, Zoe, lemon water, summer good beverage, health security! health good, in floors saw has Cup disinfection of specifically personnel, received dirty put new! lots is good, landscape Ward can intuitive Xian South door wall, night is Rod Oh! o Fu fine oil of bathing three pieces sets stores a bottle more than 200 more, she home three bottle only more than 200 more, should is bulk of reasons, in room with had has, is good of, has buy of desire, next's. restaurant ringBorders is also brilliant, enough.
  • Jason.Wu
    Location good service at the front desk very helpful
  • barrettni
    All right
  • mafalda121
    Very convenient, very intimate, and want to stick to
  • bordercollie
    Very convenient transport facilities, staff attitude is also very good, rooms clean and tidy, bathroom separation of wet and dry, great, bed was very comfortable, breakfast price is 48, not good, warm spring, the weather is cold, eating breakfast at the hotel is a good choice. the hotel is located in the commercial centre, very close to the shopping center. eating out is also very convenient.
  • baobao428
    Good in every way, next to the Metro, but it feels like high prices.
  • e02145330
    That's good
  • AlexRuc
    Very comfortable
  • nellie12
    Good service at the front desk, check out quick to ask if I was satisfied, and really good so intimate, pay attention to the guest must give full marks! hope Asian flower better and better!
  • alsoliu
    See had praise only live of here, think name is greater than real, except hardware facilities also can, other are General. by its is service, is not satisfaction, room clean of with didn't clean as only put garbage clear has, quilt a Pu, even bed are didn't sweep, teapot Cup are didn't brush, surface time. asked front desk pillow and quilt playing has two again are no reply......... Downstairs bar or something loud can barely sleep. all in all very general experience
  • cx_153
    Hotel design is reasonable, and practical, landscape very well, warm service.
  • any_feng
    Location, prices are the highest in XI ' an Asian flower stores, if breakfast is included,
  • e01115164
    Front desk very pleasant! rooms good location clean!
  • SOOO M
    Great hotel, good location, very clean, stairs, a lot of delicious breakfast
  • cyang5093
    Which is very nice.
  • fangben
    Due to everyone on travel hotel of requirements not as, fear misleading others, so never evaluation hotel. this in Asia flower continuous live has 4 days, to a full five-star of praise! hotel location very better, away from Metro mouth near, in room in by in couch Shang, bubble pot tea, appreciate city wall night, scenic also didn't want to to has. room style simple not luxury, but special clean, mattress of comfortable degrees is live had hotel best of, daily are sleep have is incense. hotel service personnel very enthusiasm efficiency odd high, openRoom check out are didn't over three minutes. lobby's of Zoe and lemon water also in hot summer to we family brings has cool. Special thanks about Customer Manager Zhong Yuan Miss, let I in Asia flower took to has overlooking city wall of night. mentioned next travel, wife of problem is; that place has Asia flower hotel did? some words on live Asia flower's! Asia flower refueling open shop, we also will back of!
  • lly_18
    Facility is new, room bed large
  • clover999
    Which is very nice
  • lvtopdo
    Staying very pleasant and front desk Zhuxi special enthusiasm, I booked the room to show me around the room, explaining in great detail, praise for her services. a kind smile Oh, select Asia will be the next one!
  • olly_tong
    That's good
  • amy214320002000
    Hotels in Nice, the room was spacious. ointment is that parking needs not included, 3 Yuan per hour, not necessarily have spaces. outside music too loud at night, 12 points better.
  • adored
    Very good convenient location right next to the wall is very beautiful
  • jdw970151
    Hotel is great, service is good, the location is also very good
  • funny530
    The location was excellent, go out and then have a lot of shopping malls, hotel layout and cozy, which is by the bar across the street at night is a little noisy. front desk is friendly, check-out is also very convenient, recommended.
  • victorstar
    Live has many hotel, this is first times evaluation, because really feel very rod! from service to hotel supplies, various details are very satisfaction. toilet paper is original pulp without drift of, bed and was special comfortable, is special, a into room has Pro-wrote of card, staff very heart, let foreign tourism of people moved! yihou to other city also hope has Asia flower hotel-
  • Cratical
    Good location, beautiful South Gate at night, but outside the South Gate bar, night affect the rest
  • e00812436
    Very good location, close to shoppong Mall, eating shopping convenient. night can enjoy the RM Portal walls, at night when great, praise it! will choose in the future!
    Very good, service very good. travel links hotel is a little less
  • flaviano
    Pretty good hotel not perfect
  • ngsiu
    Good location, convenient, great service!
  • fei1978
    Nice hotel overall was satisfied with ... next time will be admitted to the Asian duo.
  • leesbing
    Very clean, very nice.